All of our products can be personalized with your choice of color, themes, and names.

While we do our best to always fulfill requests, we cannot blatantly use copyrighted images and logos.
However, we can imply them with similar colors, images, and designs.

(I.E. We cannot use the official emblems from a well liked motorcycle company, but we can imply it with similar colors and themes.)


Paddles are available in 3 sizes:
11" (small/purse size)-$20 + tax
13" (medium)-$25 + tax
15" (large)-$30 + tax

Paddles are 5/8" thick and made of white or yellow pine.

As with all of our products you can personalize paddles with your favorite colors, designs, and names.
Our Scripture paddles are very popular.

All of the designs in the images below are examples of ones we have made.
We don't always have items on hand, but we can reproduce a look you like or you can help us create your own.

Pictures of Paddles

As always, we look forward to doing business with you!